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Different Tooth Whitening Options

Different Tooth Whitening OptionsIn recent years, teeth whitening has been steadily on the rise in popularity for cosmetic dental procedures. For patients who are interested in obtaining a brilliant white smile, teeth whitening is often extremely effective at drastically reducing signs of discoloration for a more confident smile. Most teeth whitening products utilize peroxide, which is an oxidizing agent that helps beach the surface of the enamel and give the teeth a much whiter appearance.


Once a dentist has determined that your smile is an ideal candidate for teeth whitening, you will need to choose which of the following whitening options are best for you.


•    In-Office Teeth Whitening/Bleaching – Conducted within a dental office by a whitening expert, in-office teeth whitening can provide patients with exceptional results. Although it is pricey, in-office bleaching and teeth whitening offers immediate appealing results, usually within an hour.


•    Teeth Whitening Trays or Gels – There are two main types of teeth whitening trays and gels available for patients, which are those purchased at the dentist or over-the-counter. While they are usually effective, it can take anywhere from three days to multiple weeks for results to become noticeable.


•    Teeth Whitening Strips – Usually found on the shelves of every drug store nationwide, teeth whitening strips are sold over-the-counter at a relatively inexpensive price. They do take longer than in-office options, but are easy to use and efficient for teeth whitening in the comfort of the patient’s own home.


If you are considering teeth whitening or bleaching, make sure to consult with our Los Angeles tooth whitening expert to determine which of these treatment options are is the best for your teeth.

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