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Tooth Whitening Los Angeles

Tooth Whitening Dentist Los AngelesHow confident is your smile? Coffee, tea, wine and nicotine can leave unattractive stains on your teeth, which can all affect your smile confidence. You do not have to settle for discolored, dingy teeth: Our Los Angeles tooth whitening dentist offers a range of teeth whitening solutions that can restore beauty and luster to your smile.

If you are a candidate for take-home whitening, our expert in tooth whitening in Los Angeles will fabricate mouth trays that fit your teeth precisely. This custom fit reduces contact between the whitening solution and your gums, which results in a safe, healthy procedure. A prescription strength whitening solution is included to power away stains in the most effective way possible.

Using the whitening solution with the mouth trays according to directions can help you enjoy a whiter, brighter smile faster than you ever imagined possible. Avoiding staining substances, maintaining good dental hygiene and using touch-up kits as recommended can help you maintain your brilliant new smile.

Los Angeles Tooth Whitening

When time is critical or you are just ready to have your new smile right now, in-office whitening can dramatically whiten your teeth in just about an hour. A professional cleaning procedure may be advised to help the treatment penetrate deeper and more evenly.

The powerful whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth after your gums and soft tissues have been protected. A special light is then used to activate the gel. This light is used in several 15-minute increments, during which time the gel is allowed to penetrate deep inside the enamel of the teeth. After the treatment, our Los Angeles tooth whitening dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth against post-procedure sensitivity.

Your newly brightened smile can be maintained with good dental hygiene habits, routine dental checkups and touch-up treatments as recommended. If you are ready for a beautiful, glowing new smile, our expert in tooth whitening in Los Angeles can help. We offer a variety of teeth whitening solutions to meet virtually every need and lifestyle. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment or to learn more.

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