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Preventing Tooth Stains from Red Wines

Preventing Tooth Stains from Red WinesWhile red wine is a delicious blend of natural dyes, tannin, and acids, these three ingredients work in tandem to stain teeth. After drinking a few glasses of red wine, most will notice red teeth stains caused by a coating of dyed saliva and a duller white appearance. In order to keep your pearly whites pearly and protect your teeth in the long run, consider these tips for preventing stains from red wine.

1.    Use a Wine Straw
One of the newest products on the market for wine connoisseurs, wine straws enable you to drink red wine without it passing through your teeth. The tiny diameter makes sure you do not gulp down too much at one time. The straws have been found to dramatically reduce the reddish tint on teeth.

2.    Drink Sparkling Water
After drinking your fill of red wine, do not let your mouth dry out because saliva is the tooth’s protection against tooth stains. Drink some sparkling water to rinse the red tint off your teeth instantly. In addition, the carbonation will gently scrub away the wine before it has a chance to stagnate and form long-lasting stains.

3.    Brush Teeth before Drinking
At least one hour before indulging in your favorite red wine, make sure your teeth are cleaned. Red wine thrives on sticking to plaque, so brushing the plaque away will reduce the likelihood of stains. However, do not brush your teeth right before, since this will negatively impact your palate.

If you are seeking ways to improve the wine stains already on your teeth, teeth whitening can help restore your bright white smile. Contact an expert in tooth whitening in Los Angeles to learn more information.

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