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Safety of Teeth Whitening Methods

Safety of Teeth Whitening MethodsMany people want to look as presentable as possible. This includes the appearance of a bright beautiful smile. While our smiles will naturally lose their brightness due to the foods we eat, there are things that can be done to restore them to their full glory. The most popular method to restore the brightness of a smile is teeth whitening and bleaching procedures.

There are many different teeth whitening procedures and some are safer than others. No matter which method you prefer, our Los Angeles tooth whitening expert can provide support for, or administer the procedure.

Many people choose all natural methods like baking soda, lime and salt, and orange peel. While these methods make work fairly well, they should not be done too often. All these substances contain acids that can be very harmful to the tooth enamel and may even eventually lead to cavities. If you choose to use one of these methods, be sure to keep their use to a minimum.

Another popular method for whitening teeth is toothpastes, strips, and trays that can be bought in the store. While these products are very safe and have been approved by the FDA, they will only whiten teeth a minimal amount. If your teeth are already bright and you only wish to make them a few shades whiter, these products may be right for you.

More powerful at-home bleaching and whitening kits can be prescribed by a dentist. These kits must be prescribed because they contain higher dosages of the bleaching chemicals and therefore come with special instructions that must be followed in order to keep them safe. The FDA has approved these products but only under the supervision of a qualified dentist.


Finally, the most powerful and best working type of teeth whitening methods are called in-office procedures. Such methods include laser whitening and powerful bleaching chemicals. These procedures can be dangerous if done improperly but are considered relatively safe since they are administered by a qualified professional.

The fact is, all teeth whitening procedures are considered safe if the directions are followed. It is only when a user strays from the recommended application process that they can become dangerous.

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