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Teeth Whitening Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Teeth Whitening Treatments for Sensitive TeethTooth sensitivity can have several causes. If you have sensitive teeth, you may have worn dental enamel, or your roots may have become exposed by receding gums. Regardless of the reason for your sensitive teeth, you may still be eligible for teeth whitening.

Certain types of whitening treatments can worsen sensitivity, which is why it is so critical to discuss your sensitivity and your teeth whitening needs with our expert in tooth whitening in Los Angeles. We will explore your options and craft the ideal whitening treatment for your needs. If you have underlying dental disease, we may recommend treating it before undergoing any whitening procedure.

In-office whitening procedures may be recommended for those with sensitive teeth. In-office whitening procedures use a powerful solution that is painted directly onto teeth and then activated with a high-intensity light. Our dentist can adjust the intensity of the light to minimize discomfort and maximize results. After your whitening treatment, we may recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride can help strengthen your dental enamel and reduce the risk of post-whitening sensitivity.

At home whitening treatments are also available. These use a customized mouth tray that minimizes contact between the gums and the whitening solution for a more comfortable procedure. Regardless of the whitening treatment you choose, you can get the most out of it by using a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth. Floss daily, and avoid drinking acidic beverages, which can worsen sensitivity and enamel loss.

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