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Tips for a White, Brilliant Smile

Tips for a White, Brilliant SmileWhether you have a naturally bright smile or you have recently undergone teeth whitening treatments, you probably have questions about how you can keep your smile bright and glowing. Our expert in tooth whitening in Los Angeles recommends taking preventative steps to preserve that white, brilliant smile.

1.    Avoid stains - Coffee, soft drinks, juices and even mouth wash can contain staining elements that leave your teeth discolored. If you cannot avoid these products, use a straw when drinking, and rinse with water after drinking.

2.    Practice good dental hygiene - Use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day to keep plaque and bacteria at bay and eliminate associated stains. Flossing removes buildup from between your teeth and along the gumline.

3.    Eat a healthy diet - Fibrous fruits can act as a natural toothbrush and scrub away debris while their juices can help stimulate saliva flow and rinse away plaque and bacteria. Dairy products can help keep enamel strong, and limited simple carbohydrates and sugars can reduce the amount of fuel to which the oral bacteria have access.

4.    Seek dental care - Routine dental checkups not only ensure the health of your smile, but they also include cleanings, which can polish away superficial stains.

5.    Whiten when necessary - Even with careful attention, your teeth can still accumulate stains. The right teeth whitening treatments can eliminate stains and leave teeth sparkling white.

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